Workforce Development

EIC partners with organizations to operate customized workforce training initiatives that equip community members with entrepreneurial and vocational skills. We provide end-to-end capabilities to collaboratively support programs tailored to local needs and opportunities. Our services include conducting market research, managing logistics, tracking data, and evaluating outcomes. EIC is committed to making workforce development programs accessible, impactful, and empowering. By working closely together, we can build pathways to meaningful careers and economic advancement.


Supporting Workforce Development

With robust tools for skills tracking, event management, data analytics, system integrations, participant engagement features, and more, EIC provides comprehensive support for workforce development programs seeking to nurture talent.

Skills Matching

Customizable member profiles and skills databases allow workforce programs to match entrepreneurs with ideal mentors, training programs, and job opportunities

Event Management

Robust event management tools make it easy for workforce programs to schedule and track enrollment in relevant seminars, classes, and networking events.

Document Distribution

Centralized document management enables workforce programs to distribute training materials, policies, and guides to large member bases.

Data Analytics

Powerful analytics provide workforce program managers with data-driven insights into the impact and ROI of their initiatives.

Feedback Collection

Built-in surveys and feedback forms allow workforce programs to evaluate the effectiveness of training initiatives, mentorship opportunities, and other services.

Custom Branding

Custom branding and white-labeling of portals and materials give each workforce development program a unique and professional look.

Empowering Workforce Development Initiatives

EIC offers an unparalleled suite of tools to help workforce development programs nurture entrepreneurial talent, upskill participants, provide career guidance, and ultimately empower economic growth in their communities.


Find answers to common questions about our workforce development software below so you can decide if it’s the right solution for your organization.

How can your tools help manage grant funding for our programs?

For workforce initiatives providing grants and external funding, our platform offers integrated application tracking, technical assistance management, and transparency features that simplify compliance and reporting for supported programs.

Are there built-in tools to collect feedback from program participants?

We enable workforce programs to send in-system surveys and feedback forms to collect input from participants on the effectiveness of training, mentors, career support and other initiatives. This provides data to iterate and improve offerings.

Are there tools to help measure the impact of our workforce initiatives?

Our robust analytics tools help workforce leaders track participation, engagement levels, skills development and other metrics to quantify the impact of their development initiatives.

How does your platform help with distributing training materials and resources?

With our centralized document libraries and permission controls, training managers can easily distribute materials, handbooks, presentations and more to all program participants or targeted groups. This ensures everyone has access to the resources they need to succeed.

What survey capabilities exist to evaluate our program offerings?

Our in-system survey templates make it easy for workforce programs to create questionnaires to evaluate the effectiveness of seminars, mentoring, career advising and other program offerings.

Can your platform be customized and branded for our workforce program?

Workforce initiatives can customize their portal with unique branding, messaging, designs and more through our white-labeling and customization tools. This gives each program a professional and cohesive look.

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Other Areas of Expertise

In addition to workforce development technology and facilitation, EIC offers services in consulting, workforce training, and grant management, to drive economic opportunities and prosperity.

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