A Celebration of the Entrepreneurial Spirit | 6 Year Anniversary of Economic Impact Catalyst!

CLEARWATER, FL, Friday, May 17th, 2024 —Economic Impact Catalyst (EIC), a Florida-based technology and market research firm specializing in economic development, celebrates its 6-year anniversary amid a transformative period of strategic growth supporting state and federal economic development programs to drive equitable access to resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Since its founding in 2018 by CEO David Ponraj, EIC has been committed to fostering inclusive economic prosperity through data-driven solutions and partnerships. Over the past six years, the company has solidified its position as a trusted partner for government agencies, leveraging its robust technology platform and deep expertise to streamline program administration and enhance the impact of funding initiatives.

Small businesses in the US start with the promise of the American dream. Yet many Americans, especially minority groups like people of color, immigrants, veterans, women, and returning citizens face an undue and unAmerican set of barriers in their pursuit of this dream. Our clients across the country have dedicated their lives to breaking down barriers to entrepreneurship and small business success. Our primary mission is to support these economic and community development professionals by giving them the tools and data needed to achieve this goal. – David Ponraj, Founder & CEO

EIC’s strategic work with government entities has been instrumental in driving equitable economic development. By supporting the administration and monitoring of federal economic development programs, EIC ensures efficient and transparent fund distribution. Additionally, EIC’s partnerships with state governments like California, Iowa, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Michigan enable data-driven decision-making and maximize the effectiveness of state-level funding programs.
“Six years ago, EIC was an ambitious idea with a small team passionate about driving economic progress,” said McKenzie Dial-Fritscher, Chief Operating Officer at EIC. “We’re now working hand-in-hand with economic development leaders across nearly three dozen states. The trust and partnership from these forward-thinking organizations has been invaluable. Together, we are making a real impact—attracting new businesses, creating jobs, and uplifting communities that have historically faced barriers. I’m filled with immense pride for our team’s hard work and deeply grateful to our clients who believed in our vision from the start. I can’t wait to see what incredible growth the next six years will bring.”

As EIC marks this significant milestone, the company remains dedicated to its core mission of enabling entrepreneurship-led economic development. With a talented and diverse team, cutting-edge technology solutions, and strong government partnerships, EIC is well-positioned to drive positive change and create opportunities for entrepreneurs across the nation.

“Economic Impact Catalyst’s true growth is measured not just by its size, but by the steady, upward climb that reflects innovation, adaptation, and a commitment to a brighter future,” said Kim Vogel, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at EIC. EIC is dedicated to entrepreneurship-led economic development and will continue to pursue data-driven excellence that tells the human stories of entrepreneurship, as we focus on communities doing the hard work of ensuring economic prosperity for their cities, counties, regions, and states”.

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