Economic Impact Catalyst takes great pride in ensuring that our employees have the ability and freedom to do what they love while working toward a bigger cause. This blog post centers around a conversation between Molly King, Director of Client Experience at EIC, and Ramya Tirumala, Marketing Associate at EIC, in honor of Women’s History Month.

“I believe that when we work intentionally and creatively we can accomplish meaningful impact in communities through systems of access and opportunity.” – Molly King

Molly’s Experience

Molly has worked in several positions that have given her the experience she has today. The ability to learn and grow is important to Molly, and she holds this to be true with every task she takes on. Molly has developed skills in data entry, events and programs, and helping communities grow through engagement and understanding. Now, in her role as Director of CX, she learns just how important it is to bring every skill to the table. She manages the CX team, and works closely with clients to ensure their problems are resolved. Her positive attitude allows her to take charge of every situation and helps to ensure customer loyalty, as well as exemplify the EIC brand.

Effects of Great Work

“I think my favorite part is getting to a high level and seeing the individualized amazing work in communities across the country. I can jump on a call with someone in Florida and then to a call with someone in Texas or California. Seeing the energy and opportunity is amazing.” In Molly’s position, she meets with clients every day to discuss onboarding processes, as well as keeping updated on their experiences with the Startup Space platform. There are so many advantages of remote work, and Molly acknowledges that this happens when effort is put in. “I’m focused a lot on how I can lend problem solving and process to good work. It’s important to me to see effective and efficient work in communities. It’s even better to see it in my own community and witness the growth.” Once the effects are truly seen, it makes a great difference to be able to visualize and create opportunity and impact within more communities.

Women’s History Month: Highlighting the True Heroes

In a month like this, and as always, it is important to recognize our female role models and how they strive for their goals. Molly states, “The women in my family that I grew up around, they were all very strong but also very creative and always up for a new idea. Passion has been instilled in me by the women in my family. While growing up, the women around me were always thinking ‘what is the new fun thing that we could do or learn.’” Despite other factors, Molly’s family has always chosen to do what makes them happy. That is what Molly remembers in her day-to-day life. “Women are great problem-solvers. I work with incredible women across the country that give everything they have to help people. These are unique women who have no trouble with diving in and figuring out how to get things done. There is a can-do attitude with the women that we see, which translates into empowerment.” Molly also mentioned that she feels that it’s “really important to have examples of women who have creatively and practically solved problems in the past, such as female coders, doctors, mathematicians, and those who have done a lot of really cool things seen in the news. It is very encouraging and inspiring to see that representation. I really love knowing those examples are out there.” Seeing the encouragement and drive behind women entrepreneurs and others helps to show exactly how dreams can be turned into reality. Especially as society becomes more individual and unique, it is so important for younger generations to see examples of what they can achieve on TV, social media, and more. 

Facing Challenges While Working

In client experience, it is important to remember that one day may not be the same as the next. Working as a team allows for problems to be managed. Communication with clients is also important as it ensures that the clients have a great experience. With an exceptional experience, raving testimonials and continued partnership will occur. “A lot of challenges that we face in client experience are similar to challenges clients face. If our clients are worn out and trying to solve a problem in the community, it is up to us to come in and relieve them of some stress. There are so many opportunities for creative thinking and sharing any issues with other communities.” It is important in Molly’s role and other CX roles to put themselves in the client’s shoes. This way, they can truly understand how to help them. It also establishes a sense of understanding from both sides of the coin. This can allow for deeper relationships to develop and support to be acknowledged. 

Successes in the Role

Every day, it is rewarding for Molly and the CX team to see the impact they are making in communities. All around the United States, there are clients that appreciate the ability for the platform to connect entrepreneurs with resources. “My biggest successes include that I, in all of my professional job roles, have had very strong older women leaders who I was able to look to and learn from, they brought their talent to their work. If I had entered into the job force as a young woman and not had examples like that in front of me from the beginning, it would make a big difference. The keys to my success are the women around me, shown as clients, colleagues, and all the women I have interacted with. I recognize how important it is to ask questions, as there are so many things I can learn in this position.” Molly believes that success relies hugely on the people she is surrounded by. Being around women throughout her professional history has allowed her to open up and remain curious. Seeing representation around you, that reminds you of who you are, allows you to feel a sense of belonging and familiarity. For women everywhere, representation goes a long way.

Diversity & Equity: The True Impact

One of the things that we work with daily is the challenge that diverse business owners have in their local communities. We are working typically with breaking down barriers for those diverse business owners. It is important to help these owners be well equipped for success. We are seeing change being made and are able to bring our voice and expertise into software, data, and best practices. We want to help point out the needs that people have been considering. We learn daily from people who are doing incredible work around equity and inclusion. It is important to encourage vulnerability, as this helps us to learn. We are learning from communities all the time, and it plays into everything we do. Having a very diverse team is incredibly helpful in learning from each other. Our team is open and willing to learn and grow. People willing to share their experiences are encouraged by the way our team interacts with each other.” Embracing diverse human characteristics can make so much of a difference in a working environment through the variety of experiences, insights, and lenses. Both within the company and with the clients we work with, diversity is seen all around us. Molly appreciates the ability to learn and grow from different diverse perspectives around her. Choosing to learn from others allows personal growth as well, and Molly can attest to that. Diversity and equity brings about true change, and further encourages others to develop.

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