I asked Chat GPT -4 what ecosystem mapping was. I did so because I wanted to understand how the internet now describes a task that has become synonymous in some circles with creating a map of the resources in a community to help startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs find service providers who can help with their business.

There is a long road ahead for this exercise because ecosystem mapping needs to be humanized to make it truly useful for entrepreneurs. For now, it is used more by the stakeholders that support the small business ecosystem than the small businesses themselves. Helping the end-user, the entrepreneurs themselves, is the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship-led economic development and the reason for ecosystem mapping, which is to assist founders in finding the right resources at the right time.

Anyway, here is the result of my query to Chat GPT-4

Ecosystem mapping is a process of visualizing and analyzing the relationships between different actors in a specific ecosystem. An ecosystem can refer to a geographic region, an industry or sector, a community or network, or any other collection of interdependent entities. The goal of ecosystem mapping is to identify and understand the various actors within the ecosystem, their roles, and their interactions with each other.

The process of ecosystem mapping typically involves collecting data on the ecosystem and its actors, such as demographics, economic activity, geographic location, and relationships between different actors. This data is then used to create a visual map or diagram that represents the ecosystem and its various components. The map may include different types of entities, such as businesses, organizations, government agencies, non-profits, and individuals.

Ecosystem mapping can help organizations and policymakers better understand the dynamics of a specific ecosystem, identify areas of opportunity for innovation and growth, and develop more effective strategies for collaboration and partnership. It can also help identify potential gaps or barriers in the ecosystem that may be hindering growth or development.

Overall, ecosystem mapping is a useful tool for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of a complex system and its various components. -End Chat GPT-4


I would love your thoughts on what you think the use of ecosystem mapping is and how your community is benefiting from it.

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